3D Printer Cantilever 2.0 C3Dt/c

This is my latest completed project to date. I’ll be happy to build one for you, but if you must go it yourself; here is the instructions for the C3Dt/c (c for cantilever) by This printer was presented at MRRF2018It is the culmination of many of my other intructables and I will refer/li…By: Core3D(…)


Pimp My Printer

Finally getting a 3D printer can be an amazing feeling all until you print that first print and realize that the there may be a good reason that 3D printer you got was so cheap, or maybe it was expensive and you just like modding things. Either way, most 3D printer out there can be(…)


3d Printer Smoke Detector

3D printer smoke detectorI built this smoke detector with the hope of feeling more at ease when leaving my printer overnight or going out while its still running. If you had to be around monitoring your printer for every print, you would never leave the house!The smoke detector is built with an atme…By: AnthonyH3 Continue(…)


3d Printer Enclosure

This is a simple, easy, and cheap way to enclose your 3d Printer and vent to the outside. This is just a trial/prototype. I am not even sure that it will work safely – So, make at your own risk. Venting fumes like ABS is very important. ABS printing produces toxic fumes, and should not(…)