Custom 3D Printer Extruder

After building a CNC Mill and turning it into a 3D printer, I found that I couldn’t easily purchase an extruder I liked. They all seemed cheap and poorly designed. Often the bearing in the tensioner didn’t line up with the gear on the motor which didn’t line up with the hole for the filament.(…)


3D Crayon Printer

I want a 3D printer very badly, but I have no money. I’m also 13 and can’t get a job, so what do I do? I build one out of Legos. Unfortunately, I do not have Lego Mindstorms ($ 350), so I had to make do. This is not meant to be a precise or(…)


Poly 3D Printer

Poly is a multitool 3D printer with nozzle extruder, laser engraving, a chocolate kit and an additional joint for other tools, all plug and play thanks to a magnetic joint and release mechanism. The movement consists of a classic system with 3 Cartesian axes (1 microstepper for each axis, except for…By: Poly3DPrinter Continue Reading »(…)


3D Printer Cantilever 2.0 C3Dt/c

This is my latest completed project to date. I’ll be happy to build one for you, but if you must go it yourself; here is the instructions for the C3Dt/c (c for cantilever) by This printer was presented at MRRF2018It is the culmination of many of my other intructables and I will refer/li…By: Core3D(…)


Pimp My Printer

Finally getting a 3D printer can be an amazing feeling all until you print that first print and realize that the there may be a good reason that 3D printer you got was so cheap, or maybe it was expensive and you just like modding things. Either way, most 3D printer out there can be(…)