3D Printed Titanic Toy

As Christmas was approaching I started panicking so I needed a quick gift for my niece and nephew.I haven’t done any 3D printing before so I came up with ideas that could double as a present and as my first projects. After figuring out what the kids are into I chose a flat-screen TV to(…)


3D Printed Lights for Lexan RC Bodies

Why Print Headlights: Depth Decals!Because decals make a model look like a kids toy, but real lights are real serious! ;-)When it comes to scale RC trucks there are two kinds of bodies. Injection-molded ABS "hard bodies" can have a lot of detail, but are generally expensive and also far more delica…By: ossum Continue Reading(…)


3D Printed Cervical Spine

Technology is moving to made available a large number of medical self-diagnosis systems in the near future.I discovered 3D printing in the 2014 and since then I have constantly tried to find all its possible applications, so, when I was subjected to a CT scan, I serch the web to understand if it was…By: theGHIZmo(…)


3D Printed Minimalist Wallet

This instructable will show you how to make your own simple 3D printed wallet for pennies – Download the File Assembly You’ll need to print the file twice.Once it is printed you will notice that the "tines" on the pieces nest if you place one over the other. Insert your credit cards and et…By: Bigguylittlebikes(…)


Batman Lamp, 3D Printed

This Batman Lamp is an easy and affordable decorative lamp to make. The Batman Lamp can be put on book shelves, tables, etc. It’s nifty, simple, and awesome, enjoy the batman lamp Gather Materials In order to make this specific Batman lamp I used a 3D printer to get a smooth and crisp looking b…By:(…)