Cloudy Night Spray Paint Print

Hi all, today I will teach how to make a Cloudy Night Print with Spray Paint. This is my first ever Instructable so give me some suggestions in the in the comments so I can Improve. I’d like to give credit to Skech Art’s Channel (Yes, its spel…By: TheInstructableTinkerer Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


How to Continue a Stopped 3D Print

3D printers are the staple for quick and cheap prototyping nowadays. I am one of those fortunate enough to own a 3D printer, courtesy of an Instructables contest. There are still a lot of improvements to be made with 3d printing technology. One such improvement is having non-volatile memory such tha…By: TechMartian Continue Reading »(…)


Snake Puzzle – 3D Print

I just finished a similar wood version of this snake puzzle, see here. As I found out, making the 27 blocks by hand took a lot of time. With that, I thought it would have been nice to be able to 3D print the parts. To save material, I’ve made the parts smaller (1" cubed)(…)


Lemon Print Shirts

In this instructable I show you how to print a t-shirt with lemons. The print looks a bit Pop Art, Andy Warhol style.This is a quick and easy project. Also fun to do with your kids. Check Out My Quick Video Tutorial! In this video I show you how to make the lemon print shirt.Along(…)


3d Print Gemstone Ring

With 3d printing, anyone can make personalized ring jewelry. Usually the printed plastic ring is used to cast molds to create metal versions of the ring and the gemstones, if needed, sourced. But for simple cosplay or for people like me that don’t wear jewelry often, this seems like overkill in tim…By: twiesner Continue Reading(…)