Easy Photo Clock Present

Hello! My name is Kayla and this is my first Instructable. This Instructable is about making my grandparents Clocks. Sometimes it is hard to find good things for grandparents that shows you care for them and love them. That is why making clocks idea came to mind. I will show the steps of making thes…By:(…)


How to Wrap a Box Present

We will be showing you how to wrap the perfect present for that special someone. This instruction set will use a box shape. If your present is an odd shape, such as a triangle or loose blob, we recommend finding a box to put it in so it will be easier to wrap. Gather Supplies(…)


How to Wrap a Present

Wrapping a present is a kind gesture that can show someone how much you care. It’s easy to wrap a present if you make all your folds and cuts carefully. When you’re done with the basic wrapping, you can give the present a unique touch with bows and embellishments. When finished, you’ll have a beautiful(…)


PlantCare Best DIY Present for Mothers

Hello everyone,This is an instruction, how I built the perfect present for my mother. The project is a multifunctional, automatic plant watering device.Features of the device: measures and shows the actual soil moisture level of the plant if the soil moisture level is lower as the threshold, it tu…By: Rundhall Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


DIY Rock Art Present

These rocks are perfect for anyone who loves creativity and/or nature. They can be used as a gift, or just decoration. They’re also really easy to make, just 3 steps! Get a rock Your rock should be smooth enough to write on, but it could have a few bumps. Shape doesn’t matter. Draw Draw or(…)


Funny Present Suit

I like to hide in fun and uncommon places from presents to trees. I LOVE CAMMOFLAUGE!! Interior So it’s a couple days before Christmas and I wanted to scare my siblings. We put our presents under the tree and this suit blends right in!! First, you’ll need som boxes. Poses So first I had to(…)


Pick Your Present

"Pick Your Present" comes from having too many wine bottles, family and friends, and too many ideas. In an effort to upcycle bottles and to offer choices, "Pick Your Present" emerged. With one cut bottle and one fabric "sleeve," there are least four choices: pen and pencil container, light "decorati…By: bufffrancisco Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)