Retrofit BLE Control to High Power Loads – No Extra Wiring Required

This instructable covers BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) control of an existing load in the range 10W to 1000W. The power is remotely switch from your Android Mobile via pfodApp. No extra wiring is required, just add the BLE control circuit to the existing switch. Often when retrofitting home automation …By: drmpf Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Arduino Wireless Power POV Display

When I first met this little device, I liked it immediately. I decided to make my own POV. I watched lot of videos, and recognised some main problems. The power supplying of the microcontroller was the biggest. Spining battery or sliding commutators were both refused. Only option was the air core c…By: holybaf Continue Reading(…)


Magic Colour Changing Lamp Using Wireless Power and Proximity Sensor

This is a project that i worked out together with my wife Mieke, who loves working with glass mosaic. I love working with LED lighting projects, so i thought: let’s combine the 2 hobbies and try to make a kind of art-project combining electronics and glass mosaic.Combining RGB-LEDs with transparent …By: roel1964 Continue Reading »(…)