Harry Potter and the Order of the Duck

The Ten Commandments of Nouvelle Cuisine was published by the Gault-Millau restaurant guide 1972, which both championed and explained their new style of cooking. This was then adapted in 2011 in Nathan Myhrvold’s Modernist Cuisine to give this idea: Cuisine is a creative art where the chef and din…By: HibikiK Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Harry Potter Spellbook

In this tutorial we’ll be making a DIY Harry Potter Spellbook which is 50 fully readable pages. This book of spells (The Practical Pocket Book of Spells) is different from my other DIYs because it’s not a replica of anything that was in the Harry Potter books or movies. This is a product of my(…)


Harry Potter Cheese Darts

Games, cheese, and Harry Potter: three seemingly unrelated things that I love. So I decided to combine them all, of course. Get ready for Harry Potter cheese darts!SuppliesBaking Parchment/Wax Paper – Get it hereBlack Sharpie – Get it hereScissors – Get it hereX-Acto Knife – Get it hereMasking Tap…By: Muggle Magic Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Harry Potter Potion Bottles

If you’ve ever wanted to transform into someone else, have a day of nothing but good luck, or maybe age unnaturally fast…. I can’t really help with that. But I can get you a little closer to those unattainable dreams by helping you make some awesome potion bottles.SuppliesPolyjuice Potion Bottle …By: Muggle Magic Continue Reading(…)


Unicorn Harry Potter Style Wand

Well, here it is… my first Instructable!I’ve always tended to meddle in a few crafts over the years, with some really mixed results. I’m also terrible for getting an idea and starting it then never finishing it. It’s barely short of a miracle that I not only finished this but actually documented…By: reborne Continue Reading(…)


Harry Potter: The Time Turner

The Time Turner is one of the most important magical items in the 3rd harry potter book. No way could Hermione have attended all of her classes, or most importantly, saved Buckbeak without it. It resembles an hourglass on a necklace and today’s post is a DIY time turner mini tree ornament. Materia…By: Greenreen Continue(…)