NASA’s Hubble telescope spots potential water plumes on Europa for a second time

There’s more evidence that plumes of water are erupting from underneath the crust of Jupiter’s moon Europa. NASA announced the findings today at a press conference, at the same time that the agency also announced new clues that Saturn’s moon Enceladus may have the right conditions for life. A possible plume was spotted in 2016(…)


How to Realize Your True Potential

Every human being, regardless of race, sex, or any other characteristic, has the incredible capacity to realize their potential: to feel confident, joyful, and fulfilled. Though it will be no easy task, there are several concrete steps and changes you can make on your path to this realization. EditSteps EditThinking about Yourself Determine your core(…)


You can vote online for potential presidential debate questions

For the next presidential debate, you’ll be able to vote online for questions that could be asked of the candidates. The debate’s organizers announced this morning that they’re working with the Open Debate Coalition to source questions online through the new site presidentialopenquestions.com. At the site, people can submit and vote on questions for the candidates.(…)