Portable Minecraft Torch

I have been decorating my 9 year old’s bedroom in a Minecraft theme and was painting a wardrobe he had designed in Minecraft which had redstone torches on the side.I thought it would be cool to make a real wooden torch which would light up and fix on to the side of the wardrobe. I(…)


Portable Walking Labyrinth

Here’s an easy way to make a cheap (~$ 70.00), portable 22-foot (6.7m) diameter, 7-circuit “classical” concentric circle style labyrinth (with a slightly expanded center) out of common black plastic irrigation hose (and related connecting hardware), scissors, and tape. Classical Labyrinths In my c…By: Jamie Edmonds Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


PVC Portable Adjustable Bag Trolley

Have a bag with heavy contents? If you did not buy bag with built in trolley, well, this project might be a nice solution for carrying your heavy bags!Nowadays, kids’ school lessons are more and more in Indonesia. This also made their bag becomes heavier.We need to build a portable trolley which wil…By: Mohammade9 Continue(…)


Portable Ironing Mat

I’m working on a bigger project that will involve a lot of ironing. My ironing board simply isn’t big enough and it would be a pain to keep moving everything around. So I decided to make an ironing mat, which turns my table into a big ironing board. This will make any project that involves(…)


DIY Portable Air Pump

In this instructable, I am going to show you how to make an Air Pump out of a simple dc motor and and using a bunch of commonly available materials.This is a portable air pump that is made out of very common hardware. The body of the air pump is made out of a cap(…)