Portable Case With Battery for Raspberry Pi Zero W (EN/FR)

ENThis guide will explain how to create a "Portable computer" with a Raspberry Pi zero, an Iphone battery et some electronics modulesFRCe guide explique comment fabriquer un "Ordinateur Portable" avec un Raspberry Pi zero, une batterie d’iphone et quelques modules electroniques Material Raspberry…By: Neodyme Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Casio Pi Portable CCTV Monitor

In this Instructable I’ll show you how to convert an obsolete portable LCD TV into a low-cost and retro-cool display for a Raspberry Pi project. I’ll take you through all the stages of making a handy CCTV monitor with a 1997 Casio EV-510 and a Raspberry Pi Zero W, but we’ll also look at the(…)


Portable Skeeball Game

This is a skeeball game I made for my family.The game of skeeball is quite fun and has a fantastically simple premise: roll balls up a ramp, off a jump, into different-sized holes for points.I’m intrigued by the challenge of making homemade versions of the game, so over the years I’ve made a few dif…By:(…)


Portable Power Box

I had some extra parts laying around that needed a purpose and fortunately they fit together as well as if I had bought them for this purpose. That purpose is to provide a useful amount of power to an inverter in a compact portable package.Just so happened that I had an extra Pelican 1460 case(…)