Portable Rechargeable LED Lantern

This rechargeable LED camping lantern features a wooden top and bottom, leather middle section with cut out window panes, and acrylic frosted glass inside. It utilizes a simple 5 volt phone charger to charge up, and is perfect to take out on adventure whether you’re going camping or staying in your …By: darbinorvar Continue Reading(…)


Portable Easel Box

This a portable easel that I created for my brother. It is designed to pack tightly and neatly considering its size.The Easel will have a surface area of essentially 24′ x 24′. I did this to ensure that it was big enough to support most sizes of canvas and could store most sizes internally as(…)


Portable Function Generator on Arduino

Function generator is a very useful tool, especially when we are considering testing our circuit’s response to a certain signal. In this instructable I’ll describe the building sequence of small, easy to use, portable function generator.Features of the project: Fully digital control: No need for pa…By: Faransky Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Portable Solar Micro Chiller

Dear InstructablersEvery year since I can remember I’ve headed to a Folk Rock Festival called Fairpot Cropredy Convention and over the three days our beer supply has got progressively warmer, marinading in the tent under the summer heat. for years we’ve lusted for that cold beer as the sun begins to…By: Toppy007 Continue Reading »(…)


Laser Cut Portable Chess Set

Chess is a great strategy game, both for beginners and advanced players alike. I decided to make my own chess board by laser cutting the entire board and all of the pieces to help improve my design skills and laser cutting skills. I also designed the chess board to be a box that can open(…)


Portable Water Heater for a Hot Tub or Pool

I recently purchased a portable hot tub – Intex PureSpa 6-Person Portable Inflatable Bubble Jet Hot Tub. While looking at the specs and reviews I was concerned about the heating capacity of the unit. The 1,300 Watt heating unit only heats the water 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit an hour. Customer reviews…By: weber713 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)