Portable Water Heater for a Hot Tub or Pool

I recently purchased a portable hot tub – Intex PureSpa 6-Person Portable Inflatable Bubble Jet Hot Tub. While looking at the specs and reviews I was concerned about the heating capacity of the unit. The 1,300 Watt heating unit only heats the water 1-2 degrees Fahrenheit an hour. Customer reviews…By: weber713 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


8-Ball Pool

A guide to the game of 8-Ball pool. Rules Every shot in 8-ball pool starts with the players striking the cue ball with their cue stick and driving the cue ball into another ball. Rules If a player pockets the cue ball, it is called a “scratch” and the opposing player places the cue ball(…)


How to Dig Your Own Swimming Pool

Here’s how I built my own swimming pool from scratch. Find the Perfect Spot If you can make sure you place the pool in an unshaded area and out of the wind, it makes a big difference when in use later. Find the best spot on your property before you start digging.Next, mark the area(…)


Build an in Ground Swimming Pool

Hello and welcome to another insanely awesome Instrucable on doing something incredible.I’m Sam, I’ll be your guide to do something you thought you would never do: build and install your own in ground concrete swimming pool! We aren’t talking a silly above ground pool you bury, we are talking custom…By: The Sam D Continue Reading(…)


How to Resurface a Pool

Over time, exposure to the elements and various chemicals can eat away at a pool’s surface, leading to costly repairs. That’s why for most pool owners, it will be necessary to have their pools refinished every 8-10 years. Resurfacing is an ambitious project, but it’s not one that you can’t tackle yourself if you have(…)


Level an Above-Ground Pool

When we priced summer activities for our kids, we were blown away by the expense. Tack onto that mileage/travel time and we had a conundrum. After a little price-shopping, calculation, and research, we opted to buy an above-ground pool. A big expense in purchasing from a pool store/service is the s…By: mlawing Continue Reading »(…)


How to Play Pool Like a Mathematician

Billiard balls collide with nearly perfect elasticity. This means that the kinetic energy in their motion is almost completely preserved, and very little of it dissipates into heat or other energy sinks. This makes pool and billiards a great sport to analyze mathematically. If you have perfect control over how you strike the cue ball(…)