Solderdoodle Plus: Soldering Iron With Touch Control, LED Feedback, 3D Printed Case, and USB Rechargeable

Please click below to visit our Kickstarter project page for Solderdoodle Plus, a cordless USB rechargeable hot multi tool and pre-order a production model!…This Instructable introduces a new Open Source USB rechargeable soldering iron called Solde…By: Solarcycle Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Wear Plus Size Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are flattering, supportive, and versatile clothes that look great on all body types, including plus size and curvy women. The key to wearing skinny jeans is finding the right pair for your shape and styling them with complementary pieces of clothing. It’s simple and fun to wear skinny jeans year-round as long as(…)


Adding Automatic Bed Leveling to Wanhao I3 Plus With ADVI3++ or Other FDM Printers

This is an Instructable I’ve written to help people understand the Wanhao I3 plus (Monoprice maker select plus), and others. I’ve also included a little more documentation around Marlin V 1.1.8 Because I feel like there is very little if any, documentation on the internet. Every post I’ve come acros…By: Kold Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Plus One Puzzle

This is one of my favorite puzzles so far. You are given 8 blocks that must be placed in a box. They will fit and the box will be "totally filled." Once you are done, slide the lid on the top to complete the puzzle. Your test subjects might feel pretty smart by knowing that(…)