DIY Mini CNC Plotter Machine

Mini CNC plotter machine with 3D printed frame Video Hello friends I have made a micro size CNC plotter machine out of old scrap DVD drive stepper mechanismThe best part of this machine is i 3D print its frame to give it very compact look, all the 3D parts i have printed on tevo tarantula(…)



This Instructable will be about Polar Plotters.There are a lot of different versions to build one, and i just wanna share how i built it.The Software i use is called Makelangelo, and can be downloaded here:http://www.makelangelo.comIf you have further questions or ideas to perfect my design, please …By: InevitableCraftsLab Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Mini Traceur Arduino – Mini CNC Plotter

Ce projet est basé sur le projet d’ardumotive. L’objectif est de proposer un kit d’éléments de structure permettant un assemblage plus facile d’un Mini Traceur (CNC Plotter) à base d’Arduino Uno en recyclant 2 anciens lecteurs de DVD. Ce kit résout également la réalisation du support crayon qui peut…By: projetsdiy Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)