Personalized Plastic Coin

This project can be used as a History Unit, to design currency for a civilization. It could be used as a unit where students design coins for characters in a novel, or as a self-identity coin where the students create coins about themselves and what is important to them.The project uses Tinkercad a…By: ChristaL11 Continue(…)


Plastic Cup Sphere Light

The holidays make for more parties, which bring us more drinks, which means extra plastic cups everywhere! What do you do when you have so many Solo cups? Make a big, beautiful spherical light, I say! This contemporary light is simply made from cups, a string of colourful Christmas lights, a drill, …By: attosa Continue(…)


Fluo Plastic Bird Feeder

Installing a Bird Feeder can allow you to help some species during the middle of winter when food is scarce. You will also be able to observe some of the species that live near your garden, take pictures of them or just enjoy the presence of the bird.This Instructable explains how to cut and build(…)


Making Unique, Light Catching Laminated Wood, Plastic and Copper Ornamental Turnings

This instructable describes how to combine two or three mediums (e.g., wood and plastic, or wood, plastic and copper) to make beautiful, eye catching ornaments that will stand out even along some of the finest ornamental art pieces. This instructable explains how to make blanks, then how to shape, s…By: KellyCraig Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Recycled Plastic Pedals and Grips

As my friend finished to build the plastic injection machine ( ) for recycling plastic here in FabLab Moscow ( ), I started to wonder what could be done with it. Of course it is not difficult to find examples of plastic objects because they are a…By: AdrienR Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Faux-Stone Plastic Organizer

This Instructable will walk you through the key steps I took to transform my basic, cheap, plastic drawers into a piece of furniture that looks more natural and better fits the aesthetic of my home.Items:Plastic Drawers to Transform(I used) a 10-Drawer Organizer Cart – Seville Classics Inc – Pearliz…By: Bethany Weeks Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Plastic Shredder

Unlike everyone else, I was never attracted by expensive gizmos and gadgets. One reason is that I couldn’t always afford them, and other being my fascination for building and creating stuff for myself from scraps and so-called "waste". For my latest project, I wanted to build something useful and so…By: RaghavS30 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)