Upcycled Tank Planter

This project takes discarded tanks and makes stylish planters out of them. The tanks can be anything from disposable helium tanks to water heater expansion tanks, but please respect the dangerous nature of pressure vessels and flammable gasses. Never attempt to cut a tank that is under pressure and …By: Bucketmaster Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Laser Cut Cactus Planter

Using laser cutting and fusion 360 to create DXF file, this is my take on generative design and shape optimisation to inspire the design. My goal was to use as less wood as possible but still be able to create something that was strong and sturdy, as well as being able to have the pot(…)


Coffee Table Planter

A small deck with over sized furniture required an undersized coffee table. After kicking some ideas around, a trip to the lumber store yielded a small pile of wood to make a table that would require minimal cutting. Well minimal in a sense, and now that I think about it, not really any less than(…)


Plantagotchi! Smart Planter

Plantagotchi dies so your plant doesn’t have to.I recently became the proud owner of a new houseplant (named Chester) and I really want him to have a long and healthy life. Unfortunately, I do not have a green thumb. I was instantly convinced that I would send Chester to an early grave if I didn’t(…)


Fast, Easy Tile Planter

You can turn ceramic tiles into a beautiful planter quickly with no skills.It is a great project for anyone- kids included.What looks like a difficult assembly becomes easy when you use this "tilt-up" method.You are going to join 4 tiles flat, and lift them into a box shape. Then join them and the b…By: diyhousebuilder(…)


3D Printed Self Watering Planter

It’s summer and in India and Kolkata has a Tropical wet-and-dry climate. Summers are hot and humid with temperatures in the low 30’s and during dry spells, the maximum temperatures often exceed 40 °C. It’s Really Hard for plants to survive without water. For people like me, it’s hard to water them t…By: geekrex Continue(…)


Mini Octopus Planter

This is an easy 3D printed project that will take about half an hour (excluding printing time) to accomplish. The effort is worth this small little planter that you can proudly display on your window sill or backyard.The materials for this printer are:Tinkercad –…By: Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured