Make RC Planes Using A4 Size Papers

This tutorial is about making of an RC plane of which body is made of Paper. This is a lightweight and flyable plane. Doing this project would enhance understanding of the strength of plane. This project does not offer an alternate material to make RC planes that can work as good as conventional mat…By: abhilash_patel(…)


FAA ‘strongly advises’ passengers not to bring Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on planes

In response to reports of explosive battery malfunctions in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, the Federal Aviation Administration has issued a statement advising airplane passengers not to use, or even pack the smartphones during air travel. “In light of recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 devices,” the statement reads, “the Federal(…)


American Airlines rejects Gogo internet for its new fleet of planes

American Airlines sued Gogo in February for delivering unsatisfactory internet speeds, and now it’s shutting the service out from a wave of new planes. ViaSat announced this week that it secured an agreement to provide internet service for American Airlines’ future fleet of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which are expected to enter service in September,(…)


How to Make a Magnetic Honing Guide (For Sharpening Chisels & Hand Planes) | DIY Woodworking Tools #5

"When the [wood’s] grain tears out, I wanna tear my hair out." – GmoonWhile this problem does not occur because of Trichotillomania, It definitely does happen because you aren’t sharpening your Hand-Planes correctly.An easy way to hold a Hand-Plane, Or a Chisel in place while sharpening, Is by using…By: Yonatan24 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)