Pimp My Printer

Finally getting a 3D printer can be an amazing feeling all until you print that first print and realize that the there may be a good reason that 3D printer you got was so cheap, or maybe it was expensive and you just like modding things. Either way, most 3D printer out there can be(…)


Pimp your PC with an RGB lighting kit

Browse the pages of gaming hangouts like /r/battlestations/ or PCPartPicker and you’ll notice a trend. Most of the awesome PC desktop builds on display are boosted aesthetically by some kind of LED light show. Some tasteful, others downright outrageous! NZXT The NZXT Noctis 450 ROG sports integrated LED lighting.  To read this article in full(…)


Pimp your kid’s ride.

We had an old ride-on toy for the kids in the shed. My oldest son had great fun with it. He got it from his niece a few years ago. By then, he could possibly be the fourth owner this car had to endure. And the car bears the scars somewhat. But none of that(…)