Replace Flap on Phone Case

I’ve been going around with a really shabby phone case for quite a while now. It suits me fine that way. I’m more a holes in the jeans kinda guy anyway. But when the duct tape from a previous repair job was starting to ware away I decided I needed a more drastic fix-it job(…)


Phone Booth Planter

You may have seen the teaser on a previous Instructable; now we’re excited to share with you one of our most interesting projects to date. This Instructable is full of creative misuse: we’ve upcycled a phone booth into a planter and developed a way to install the shelves without destroying the metal…By: Birdz of a(…)


How to Dry a Cell Phone

There are many approaches to drying out wet electronics. A wet cell phone in ’07 went through the wash… after a trip through the dryer the sturdy little flip phone lit right up.A common trick is to put a phone in a bag of rice. This trick has worked in the past but takes time.(…)


Wooden Phone Dock

Instructions Below Gather Your Materials Materials 2ft x 2ft x 0.75in Wooden Plank (any wood will do! Also the size can be whatever you want just make sure it’s the ) Pen or Pencil Ruler Wood VarnishTools Circular Saw Band Saw (Optional) File Sand Paper Make the Dimensions So the …By: korey.rangel Continue Reading »(…)


Simple Phone Tripod Mount

There are a lot of DIY phone mounts for a tripod but probably not too many more simple than this one. The advantage of this mount over the others is that you don’t have to remove your phone from its case. And you can orient the phone vertically or horizontally.Parts count is very low and(…)