Simple Phone Tripod Mount

There are a lot of DIY phone mounts for a tripod but probably not too many more simple than this one. The advantage of this mount over the others is that you don’t have to remove your phone from its case. And you can orient the phone vertically or horizontally.Parts count is very low and(…)


Paper Passive Amplifier Horn for a Phone

I think it’s funny to apply an antiquated technology to a product that pushes our technological expectations, seems very hipster of me.This project came about after seeing one of those silicone horn phone stands. There are many products that fall into the category of passive amplifiers, though most …By: JuiceW Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


The ULTIMATE Rotary Phone Puzzle / Controller for Escape Rooms, Info Kiosks, or Just Fooling Around.

During my daily scour of Craigslist searching for deals on odd things I accidently clicked on the ‘Gigs" section.On the first page I saw an ad that must have just been posted asking for the assistance of an experienced Arduino Programmer.Now while I have been playing with them for several years I di…By: Sigmaz_1 Continue(…)


Car Phone Mount Using PVC

Despite of the handful of infotainment systems and hands-free features our car offers, most of us have that uneasy feeling of incompleteness when we cannot use our phones during our daily drive. Of course there are available car phone mounts sold everywhere but sometimes their designs are just not w…By: JezouaA Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)