Replace Flap on Phone Case

I’ve been going around with a really shabby phone case for quite a while now. It suits me fine that way. I’m more a holes in the jeans kinda guy anyway. But when the duct tape from a previous repair job was starting to ware away I decided I needed a more drastic fix-it job(…)


Phone Booth Planter

You may have seen the teaser on a previous Instructable; now we’re excited to share with you one of our most interesting projects to date. This Instructable is full of creative misuse: we’ve upcycled a phone booth into a planter and developed a way to install the shelves without destroying the metal…By: Birdz of a(…)


How to Dry a Cell Phone

There are many approaches to drying out wet electronics. A wet cell phone in ’07 went through the wash… after a trip through the dryer the sturdy little flip phone lit right up.A common trick is to put a phone in a bag of rice. This trick has worked in the past but takes time.(…)