The Perfect Steak

The Wife is going out of town and now it is time to treat yourself to the "Perfect Steak" and it is as simple as changing the channel on TV. Ingredients So it is time to head to the grocery store and get those what we need for this Perfect SteakNow that you have done(…)


The Perfect Backpacking Cooking Kit

Undertaking the job of “camp cook” on a backpacking trip is full of choices. It’s hard to balance functionality against weight. This instructable helps cut through all the options so you can travel light knowing you’ve got exactly the equipment you need and nothing extra. Plus it includes two bo…By: scottorlosky Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Perfect sign for a Gamer

Like many folks I like to kill time by playing some games on the PC. Well one of my favorites recently is PUBG or Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. It’s a higher paced survival game based on a style called battle royal. Well that game inspired me to get out into the shop and make a sign for(…)


Perfect Limeade

Ah limeade, perhaps the most underrated beverage for hot summer days. Homemade limeade has so many things going for it! Lime’s seeds are tiny, so you don’t need to strain the juice. Also, the lime’s acidity is less intense than lemon’s, which means less added sugar, which totally means it’s appropri…By: Novesky2 Continue Reading »(…)