Pallet Wood Penny Boards

100% reclaimed pallet wood Penny Boards! Another thing that the world has never asked for, it’s kind of my specialty. These custom Penny Board style skateboard decks are made entirely from laminated reclaimed pallet wood. Each board is unique just by the virtue of the materials being used! Every bo…By: JackmanWorks Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


“Penny” Board From an Old School Desk.

Materials Old school deskPenny board trucks (Doesn’t need to be that brand, just that size)Skateboard bearings The ones linked here have everything you need. (doesn’t matter what kind, but anything above abec 5 is good)Penny wheels (Doesn’t need to be that brand, just that size)Accompanying hardw…By: Rthametz Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured