Passengers is the new Titanic, but way worse

SPOILERS for Passengers (and Titanic) below Passengers is a creepy, disturbing movie that’s different from James Cameron’s massively popular 1997 film Titanic in a lot of ways. But here’s the big one: Titanic features two decent characters who are consensually in love. Passengers features one decent character who is ripped from suspended animation (effectively dooming(…)


FAA bans passengers from turning on Samsung Galaxy Note 7s in flight

A week after issuing a statement “strongly advising” airline passengers not to use or charge Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 — which has been formally recalled over a series of explosions due to battery malfunctions — the Federal Aviation Administration has officially banned use of the device during flight. “Passengers may not turn on or charge the devices when(…)


FAA ‘strongly advises’ passengers not to bring Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on planes

In response to reports of explosive battery malfunctions in Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, the Federal Aviation Administration has issued a statement advising airplane passengers not to use, or even pack the smartphones during air travel. “In light of recent incidents and concerns raised by Samsung about its Galaxy Note 7 devices,” the statement reads, “the Federal(…)