From a Microwave Oven to a Post-curing Chamber for 3D-printed Parts

Photopolymer 3D-printing has gained popularity over the years, and different manufacturers have developed resins and process for printing. However, virtually all of them could benefit from a post-curing step to make the printed parts stronger. There are two types of post-curing: heating and extra UV…By: ClaudimirL Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Solder Through-Hole Parts

In this Instructable I’m gonna show you how to solder through hole parts. I’m gonna take you step by step through the procedure as well as give you several tips & tricks that should bring your soldering skills to a new level. This tutorial is tailored towards soldering through hole parts but if you …By:(…)


Inexpensive Sandblasting Box (3D Printed Parts, Clear Plastic Container)

There are other sandblasting cabinet projects on Instructables, but none use 3D printed parts, and are more expensive. (i.e.… ,… ). The 3D parts make it very easy to assemble and look professi…By: sniderj Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured