Schrodinky: British Shorthair Cat in a Box – 3D Printable, Multi Part Model Assembly Guide

“Schrodinky: The British Shorthair in a Box 3D Printable Multi Part Model” is a larger scale, more detailed and complex version of my original 3D printable "cat in a box" models:Single extrusionMulti extrusion model (FYI: Both these models are free to download).Since there have been boxes, cats have…By: Loubie3D Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Part Printed Dip Pen

I really love dip pens, I have made lots and lots of them and I am always iterating on designs in order to make the ultimate dip pen. Seen as we are in the middle of #inktober its a dam good time to release a dip pen instructable!I have one design which is incredibly ambitious(…)


Complete Garage Re-do PART 2

The photo shows the end of my first instructable Complete Garage Re-do PART 1This part 2 will be limited to the usable portion of the back wall, and the wall on the left, well just the bottom part of that, if we live long enough there will be another part that covers the upper-wall units(…)


DIY Laser Cut Rigid Heddle Loom – Part 2: Weaving With the Rigid Heddle Loom

Welcome to The Interlace Project!Our mission is to make weaving more accessible by designing open-source weaving looms.Rigid Heddle Looms are a great introduction to weaving and the skills you learn are all transferable to other types of looms. Easy to set up and use, this loom comes with a 5dpi* ri…By: TheInterlaceProject Continue Reading »(…)


IoT Desktop Console. Part : 11 IoT, Home Automation

PreambleThis article, the 11th in a series on home automation documents how to create and integrate an IoT Desktop Device into an existing home automation system including all the necessary software functionality to enable the successful deployment within a domestic environment.Picture 1 shows the c…By: SteveQuinn Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Metal Casted Part for Vintage Car

Hi guys,I’m glad to dedicate my very first instructable to my very first casting experience and to share it with you.To get started, let me quickly introduce the subject.The part we are talking about was originally made of zamak and used to pimch a rubber tube inside an iron tube, so that they can n…By:(…)