DIY Paper Magic Card

As the first instructable in the instructable Page DIY Makers. We have decided to post a project which Includes a Simple Magic which is made by simple things like paper, Hard A4 papers and likewise. So we have decided to post a project called as " DIY Paper Magic Card". You can give this handmade(…)


Making Paper From Pajamas

I recently read an article about how paper made from rags or fabric is much more durable and lasts a lot longer that wood pulp paper. As I was reading this, my eye caught the leg of some pajama bottoms that had recently become unwearable hanging out of the bin, and the game was afoot.(…)


Valentine Paper Quilling

This is being entered into the Paper Contest, so please vote for this project if you enjoyed it and found it useful.My wife and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year (as evidenced by the date on the rose’s ribbon used at our reception) and I wanted to make a little something speci…By:(…)