3D Paper Cut Dreamcatcher

Hello everybody!It’s been a long time since my last instructable, but I had good reasons 😉 A year ago I opened my Etsy shop "Lights & Silhouettes" so I was busy making papercut silhouette shadow boxes, templates and, news of the week, the papercut dreamcatchers that I’m going to teach you here!I’m …By: lindarose92 Continue(…)


Paper Air Freshener DIY

I want to share with you this easy DIY Paper Air Freshener craft. I’ve added paper tassels to make them even more fancy. Because there are so many ways to customize the look, these are perfect to create for any occasion and will make adorable gifts. Plus they can be made inexpensively with just a(…)


How to Make Paper Tree (bonsai)

Chart Paper, Computer Paper, Pencil Color, Glue and Scissors Six piece of Brown Chart paper (10”x 14”). Fold in half. Draw the tree sketch on chart paper and cut it. Paste one side of both piece and finally, paste first one to last piece. Cut the branches of tree. Draw the leaves an…By: Yasir Ishaq(…)


Paper Flowers

Beautiful paper flowers that are really easy to make. What you need: 2 square pieces of yellow paper, 1 square piece of green paper, craft glue, and scissors. Fold one yellow paper twice, and cut out 4 square pieces. Fold one of the small squares into a triangle 3 times. Outline your peda…By: LB33 Continue(…)


How to Make Paper Flower

Color PaperPencil and glue Roll the green paper on the stick. Cut red and orange paper and paste it Fold the paper and cut as on in picture color the flower with pencil color Draw the leaves, cut and paste it By: Yasir Ishaq Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Layered Paper Bezels

Bezels are to jewelry what a frame is to a Painting. The bezel not only protects the objects within but can begin to tell the story.Did you find a bezel but not the right size, shape or color?This Instructable uses something that most of us have on hand, PAPER.I will show you the process I(…)