Easy Way to Make Free Fuel From Sawdust and Paper (Short Video)

A simpler way to compress paper and sawdust briquettes using your body weight instead of your hands.This method applies far more compression pressure, producing much more solid briquettes.We are now able to use the waste from the chainsaw together with the junk mail and cardboard packaging that arri…By: AndrewKFletcher Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


This Week in Making: Star Wars Droids, Comic Con, and Deadly Paper Cuts

This Week in Making looks a Star Wars droid puppet, a makerspace in South Africa, Silicon Valley Comic Con, and murderous paper. Read more on MAKE The post This Week in Making: Star Wars Droids, Comic Con, and Deadly Paper Cuts appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers. Make: DIY Projects and Ideas(…)


DIY Paper Bokeh Lense

Bokeh is a type of "out-of-focus" photography. If you cover part of the lens with paper and have a shape or image cut into the paper, when you blur or unfocus the image any small light source will alter and become the shape depicted on the paper. Materials Materials you will need.- Cardstock or o…By:(…)


How to Make the Turbo Jetstream Paper Airplane

Fast, long range and aerodynamic, the Turbo Jetstream is a miniature "drone cruiser" paper airplane derived from its namesake, the Jetstream.The Turbo Jetstream was designed to improve upon the Jetstream by fitting it with a larger wing to reduce wing loading and increase range. The Jetstream’s fus…By: OrigamiAirEnforcer Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


The Afterburner Paper Plane

You can buy a book that can give you templates which makes it easier to build for you and have instructions that are clearer than mine. If you want to buy this book, go to this website: 101 Paper Planes. An afterburner is a component of some jet engines, placed after the main engine. Extra(…)


Art Deco Paper Lampshade

I got bored with my old lampshade and decided it was time to try something new. I’ve always loved art deco styles and thought I’d give it my own spin. This lampshade was easy, fun, and I made it in an afternoon without making a trip to the craft store, so it was a total(…)


Toddler Toilet Paper Holder

When our granddaughter was potty training, the potty seat wouldn’t fit near the toilet so she couldn’t reach the toilet paper. I devised this holder so she wouldn’t have to walk across the bathroom after using her potty seat. What You Need You will need a hanger with a cardboard tube that is remo…By: muffypuccio(…)