Paper Mache Clock with Pendulum

I recently completed the Paper mache class here on the Instructables website which introduced me to something that I haven’t thought of before and that is the use of papers other than ordinary newsprint to achieve different effects with paper mache. I also found the "casting over" information in t…By: MarlenaT Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Paper Tea Light Lantern

This paper lantern is decorated with filigree butterflies and paper flowers. 2 tealights are used for illumination. Assemble Supplies Consumables:7 or 8 sheets of 8.5X11 inch paper of 65lb or higher weight (additional paper for floral decorations)I used 70lb double color Astrobrights paper that …By: wrenv Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Notebooks From Paper Waste P.3

So, this is Part 3 of my notebooks from trash series, and if you’re curious enough, go and visit Part 2 in which, beside other things, I’m talking about why Part 1 doesn’t exist yet.Part 2Here, as previously, I’m going to show how you can make a simple notebooks from paper waste, everyone possess in…By:(…)


Paper Vase

Reuse your old magazines to make this paper vase that can be used as a lamp or plant pot, or some other creative idea. You can make different shapes and objects with this basic paper rolling steps. WARNING! Do not use as a candleholder or any other object that might cause a fire. If used(…)


Paper Gift Box

Can’t find the right sized package for your gift? Or do you just love giving personalised gifts to your close family and friends? This paper gift box is the solution to any of your gifting problems. Simple to make, they are perfect for any type of gift. Make them in the favourite colour of the(…)


How to Make a 3D Paper Origami Swan

SUPPLIES-Lots of paper (5-10 sheets)-Paper guillotine (optional, it makes it easier to cut the pieces)-Scissors (if you don’t have a paper guillotine)-Orange marker or highlighter-Black marker (or 2 small black paper dots) MAKE PIECES following the images, make a large batch of 3D origami pieces …By: OrangeT2 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Coffee Filter Paper Flowers

Hello my name is Laura. First time instructable long time crafter so please bear with this nube… Um, errr so yes these are my coffee filter paper flowers/ pomanders! I like using the coffee filters over the tissue paper as its a bit stronger, they give a pretty off-white shade, they are pre-cut (…By: craftycanuck(…)


Paper Passive Amplifier Horn for a Phone

I think it’s funny to apply an antiquated technology to a product that pushes our technological expectations, seems very hipster of me.This project came about after seeing one of those silicone horn phone stands. There are many products that fall into the category of passive amplifiers, though most …By: JuiceW Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Origami Double Tissue Paper

On your journey in search of the ideal origami paper, you find yourself at a crossroad. To your left, a path you have walked before, the path to tissue foil. To your right, the path leads to double tissue. You’ve heard the stories about its strength, its colours, its ability to be shaped and of(…)