Paper Jogger – Home Built

Here’s a good example of avoiding something because you are vastly over thinking it. I’m writing this in case someone else wants a small occasional use paper jogger. My "proof of concept" prototype works so well that I’m perfectly happy with it as is. It isn’t pretty, but sure works well. And it …By: Wallythecat(…)


Stained Glass Paper

This is a nice easy Instructable for kids and adults! The end results can be displayed on a window (or lit from behind) to show the stained glass look, or as the art on the front of a card. Materials Watercolour paper (more absorbent than other paper)Watercolour paints (use liquid paints if you …By: RCEM(…)


DIY Paper Tape Wall Art

Our hallway looked a little bit boring. White plane walls, white doors, and with almost nothing in it. Therefore we decided to "spice" it up a little, by adding some art. We looked at many different types of art. Pictures on the wall, wall coverings, painting it. But all of the options would leave p…By:(…)


DIY Paper Floral Wreath

Handmade gifts from someone special can be ultimately priceless. It can be anything; knitted scarf, portrait painting, or it can be a paper floral wreath. Why don’t you make one for your beloved ones? Mother, Teacher, kids, and best friend of yours will definitely love it! Let’s tell them how pricel…By: quinzyvarira Continue Reading »(…)


How to Make a Chinese Paper Lantern

Chinese paper lanterns have a long tradition, dating back to the Eastern Han dynasty, when they were used to worship Buddha. Now, they are used during the Lantern Festival to celebrate the last day of Chinese New Year.[1] Making your own lantern is easy, and while it won’t light up, it can be just as(…)


Laser Engraved Paper Seals

This week we’re laser engraving Delrin and creating seals out of it. We’re using our Speedy 300 100 watt laser engraving machine and demonstrating how our JobControl laser software has specific features for creating male/female sides of the seal in one pass. Setting Up the Artwork Use any artwo…By: Trotec Laser Canada Continue Reading »(…)


Paper Tulip Bouquet

For Mother’s Day I wanted to give my mom something colorful and unique. Something made with my own two hands. Something that she can’t just go out and buy for herself. Paper and glass come together in this project to create a fun Mother’s Day gift that you can enjoy creating! Paper and an old(…)