Poseable Photo Paper Doll

Make poseable photo paper dolls.With just a few inexpensive materials you can quickly and easily create personalized poseable photo paper dolls of your family, friends, your pet, celebrities – anyone your heart desires.These poseable photo paper dolls can be posed many different and funky ways. Ma…By: pinkterrier Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Paper Minecraft Automata

This is my first instructable. We will making a Minecraft paper automata. Lets get started! For this project you will need: Access to a printerCard stockScissorsGlue stickSmall washers or coins (Optional: For weighting pieces)Xacto knife (Optional: For cutting out small middle pieces)Cutting mat (O…By: LuLusWorld Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Paper Quilling Succulent Garden

Paper quilling designs are beautiful and fun to create. I came across paper quilling by chance and fell in love with all the amazing things paper can do! So this time I tried to bring to you something new and different. Quilling paper succulents!Yes!! you hear it right!! Succulents can come in many…By: Jamsuda Continue(…)


Panpipes From Paper

Make a full workable panpipe with eight pieces of paper, carton and cardboard. Materials Required 8 pieces of thick Paper (130 g/m²) 16,0 cm x 23 cm (tone c) 14,2 cm x 23 cm (tone d) 12,8cm x 23 cm (tone e) 12,0cm x 23 cm (tone f) 10,7cm x 23 cm (tone g) 9,6cm(…)


3D Paper Cut Dreamcatcher

Hello everybody!It’s been a long time since my last instructable, but I had good reasons 😉 A year ago I opened my Etsy shop "Lights & Silhouettes" so I was busy making papercut silhouette shadow boxes, templates and, news of the week, the papercut dreamcatchers that I’m going to teach you here!I’m …By: lindarose92 Continue(…)