How to Make a Quilled Paper Bowl

This decorative paper bowl is the perfect color accent for any living room! I use mine as a candy dish and it always gets lots of compliments.The entire bowl is made from 1/8" quilling paper strips including the base. The project definitely requires a little patience, but the payoff is well worth th…By: snwbordrgrl Continue(…)


DIY Paper Notebook

You can make a fully custom notebook in less than 15 minutes. All you need are a few basic tools and supplies. There are many ways to make a notebook but in my experience, this approach makes the most durable and versatile product. You can basically use any amount of pages and any material for(…)


Paper Clay Haunted House!

My homemade paper clay recipe is the best! It’s cheap to make, keeps forever and can be used on all kinds of surfaces.This is the finished house and it’s surprisingly easy to make! My Paper Clay! This is the recipe for one batch of clay. -6 rolls two-ply unscented toilet paper -6 cups (1.5kg) wo…By:(…)


Homemade Paper

Paper making is a fun process with a super amazing result. The basics are simple and you can change almost everything in the process and create different papers.Tools you will need are:BlenderPieces of cloth, two times of number of papers you’re going to makeEmbroidery hoop or anything you can use a…By: MahdiyeF Continue Reading »(…)


Make Paper Straws

Its very important we distance ourselves from plastics. They have become irreplaceable in so many sectors but plastic packaging and throw away cups and plates etc. are very harmful for the environment. Some forward thinking states and countries are already banning plastic straws. So what are the alt…By: RayP24 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Paper Jogger – Home Built

Here’s a good example of avoiding something because you are vastly over thinking it. I’m writing this in case someone else wants a small occasional use paper jogger. My "proof of concept" prototype works so well that I’m perfectly happy with it as is. It isn’t pretty, but sure works well. And it …By: Wallythecat(…)