Web-Connected SMART LED Animation Clock With Web-based Control Panel, Time Server Synchronized

The story of this clock goes back a long way – more than 30 years. My father pioneered this idea when I was just 10 years old, long before the LED revolution – back when LED’s where 1/1000 the brightness of their current blinding brilliance. A true innovator, he coded in assembly language and hand(…)


Camper Tiffany Glass Panel.

Nice little project showing how to cut curved shapes out of glass.This wasn’t going to be an instructable i was only replying to a question! however i had some spare time and was enjoying the project. So the question was "I have just started getting into glasswork. have any tips for cutting curves? …By: mr_fid(…)


How to Make Toddler 5 Panel

Step by step instructions! With video tutorial incase you get stuck along the way. Video Instructions Here is the video. Feel free to check it out if you get stuck. List of Supplies Here is a list of supplies we highly recommend. (TIP: Using the right grade supplies will drastically improve th…By: ProperFit Clothing Continue(…)