Tips to Take Creative Photographs – Light Painting

I, as a photographer believe that Photography is more than just pressing that shutter. To create a photograph, that lasts forever it may take days, months of planning. Nearly everyone would have seen millions of those huge Super blue blood moon pictures storming social media after Jan 31,2018 – but…By: nithyarpandian Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Light Painting: a Beginners Guide

This guide is created in an attempt to answer some of the questions I have received after posting my light painting robot instructable and the example images attached to this instructable have been annotated with details of the tools used to create each image.So first of all what is light painting…..By: AlanH87 Continue Reading »(…)


Light Painting Robot

Ever wanted to create cool light painting images like this one above (a collaberation between me and Stephen elliott)??? me too however i can never seem to get my orbs to be even and round! (I am of course assuming you know what light painting is if not here’s a quick wiki on the subject.(…)


Fabric Painting

Since I love painting I thought to use my creativity and make a gift for my best friend as her birthday was coming soon.I wanted to give her something special which is worth it.I searched in many shops for getting “this is it” thing but couldn’t find any so I decided to make one by(…)


Paper Mache Embossed Painting

Materials:Hardboard Sheet Tissue Paper Roll White Flour PVA Glue White Oil Paint (better to have matt finish)Brush Fork Spoon Ice Cream Stick Preparation Soak tissue paper in warm water.After 10 minutes, squeeze the tissue and drain water thoroughly.Break the tissue into small pieces.Add white f…By: Awesome Crafts Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Do Tile Painting

Many people believe that the only way to color a tile is to glaze it in a kiln, but you can actually paint tile yourself at home! If you do the right prep work, it’s a quick, easy task that will let you re-color your flooring or bathroom, or even add a decorative element to(…)


How to Do a Painting of a Cat on a Pumpkin

At the end of October, as Halloween draws near, evenings take on a special aura of anticipation and mystery. Dried weeds, leaves and other vegetation crunch underfoot, and even the least superstitious person might try to avoid a black cat on the path. Luckily, by painting a cat, you decide how ferocious, mischievous—or loving he(…)