Painting Miniatures

One of the best features of tabletop gaming like Warhammer is that you get to personalize your army with how you paint your miniatures. The only limit is your imagination (see step 7). For this IBLE I will be doing a simple paint job on an Orc Boy from Warhammer Fantasy.This will be my entry(…)


Glowing LED Galaxy Painting

If you’ve always been fascinated by the vastness of the universe, you can paint your own Glowing Galaxy. Follow the instructions and create a unique art piece using Acrylics paints and LED lights. Inspiration: the Hubble Official Site Is Best for That Supplies: Blank canvas 40x30cm Acrylic p…By: Auroris Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Acrylic Pour Painting – on a Budget

Is your drawing deplorable? Is your painting pathetic?Well, acrylic pour painting is just the thing for you!It needs no drawing or painting abilities and lets you act like a five-year-old by getting paint all over your hands. Yaayyy!This Instructible will focus on acrylic pour painting, but on a bud…By: ronnietucker Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


DIY 3D Embossed Painting

This time I have made 3D embossed painting with beautiful colors. I tried to make embossed painting on canvas board. I think it’s a beautiful painting for room decoration.canvas board, thermocol sheet,file cover ,acrylic color(oil paint),PVA glue,tissue paper,silicone glue ,cotton,fomic sheet,ice…By: aaishtv Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Oil Painting

Art comes in many different forms. In this instructable put together by siblings, Debbie and Michael, you will be able to express your self artistically and creatively. Our goal is to encourage anyone interested in art to start creating! We hope to motivate you to boldly express yourself, take risks…By: debbiecyuen Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Texture Painting for Kids

Hi All,I wanted to introduce, texture painting to kids, with items easily available at our home and do recycling of cardboard boxes… I choose "Baby Groot", this helped in grabbing attention of my son.. And he agreed to help making one… I am not an expert, the technique, I am sharing, is simple a…By: Amit_Jain(…)