How to Paint a Surfboard

There’s a lot of plain white surfboards out there. They’re the least expensive. They’re also a blank canvas that you can easily customize "grom" into a personal statement and work of art. Painting your board is fun and easy and can be done with a little effort. The amount of detail and design work i…By:(…)


How to Make Paint Thinner

Over time, paint often loses moisture and becomes too thick to use. While it can be tempting to throw thick paint away, this can be expensive. Knowing how to make paint thinner at home is not only quite simple, but can save you money and time. But before adding any homemade thinner, bring paint inside(…)


Homemade Paint

Hi everybody! Today we are going to show you homemade paint! Watch this video or go to the next step! Ingredients Ingredients:1 cup of flour1 cup of cold waterFood colouringPaint bottlesIn a mixing bowl, combine water and flour. We use 1 cup of water and 1 cup of flour to fill up our medium size…By:(…)