Insole Electric Heating Pads

Keeping my toes warm while cycling in the winter has been a problem for many years. Pedaling keeps the pressure on the front of the foot continuously which seems to impede circulation causing toes to get cold more rapidly than when walking. This is further compounded for those of us who suffer fro…By: IC_Biker Continue(…)


How to Check Brake Pads

It’s incredibly important that you occasionally check your brake pads for wear and tear. Worn brake pads are unsafe and prevent your car from coming to a quick halt. Those living in an urban environment will have to replace their pads more often than those in rural areas.[1] If you notice symptoms of worn brake(…)


SpaceX says it can continue launching Falcon 9 rockets from two other launch pads

The recent Falcon 9 rocket explosion badly damaged SpaceX’s Florida launch pad at Cape Canaveral, meaning the company’s primary launch site is out of commission for the foreseeable future. But while that pad undergoes repairs, SpaceX says it can continue launching vehicles from its two other launch sites — one in California and another one in Cape Canaveral.(…)


Reuse Old Sanding Pads

I’m incredibly tight fisted when it comes to my woodworking, and as such, I am reluctant to throw anything away! When my detail sander pads get too tattered around the edges, I use this little trick to turn them into usable hand sanders! Trace Your Pads I traced the shape of my sanding pads onto(…)