DIY Flat Pack LED Desk Lamp

Before getting in the shop, we sat down in illustrator and designed a lamp made from wood and acrylic with LED’s as the light source. Then we went through the setup process to get the x-carve ready to carve. We are first carving 1/2” plywood to make the lamp base, arm, and a wooden cap(…)


How to Pack Liquids for Shipping

Shipping liquids may seem confusing, but all it takes is some careful packing. Start with a strong cardboard box and plenty of padding. Most factory-sealed liquids can be packed directly this way. Sealing the liquid inside watertight bags is also an option and reduces the chance of leaks. For perishables, add a couple of coolant(…)


How to Pack for a 5 Day Vacation

Packing for a vacation can feel like its own job and it can seem inevitable that you’ll end up packing too much or forgetting an essential item. But by taking a little time to create a thoughtful plan and learning a few packing tips, like rolling your clothes instead of folding them, you can turn(…)


Customizable Pack Frame

This wood and canvas pack frame probably seems old fashioned, since it is similar to a popular style among Boy Scouts in the 1930s and DIYers through WWII and beyond. But old fashioned though it may be, it is still a simple, affordable way to go backpacking, transport all your gear, and more easily …By:(…)


Bandana Sling Pack

This is a quick, simple, and effective way to turn a bandana into a pack that you can sling over your shoulder or wear around your waist. There is no sewing involved, only tying a couple knots!I absolutely love this design. I made two while camping a few weeks ago — I had one over(…)


ISO Standard Werewolf Pack

Backpack with animatronic tail and RAWR mode with light up Red Glow Monster Menacing Eyes™If you are annoyed with the incessant howling, install a switch to turn off the sound. A paws button would be convenient.It’s gone to plaid. The Tail That Wags the Werewolf… Again, another project because …By: caitlinsdad Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


How to Pack Picture Frames for Shipping

Like all forms of art, picture frames require a little extra attention during the shipping process. Whether you’re sending someone a gift, submitting your work to a gallery, or moving away, properly packing your picture frames will help ensure they arrive at their destination in 1 piece. EditSteps EditProtecting the Glass Grab a roll of(…)