DIY Outdoor EMT Wind Chimes

Just like my last Instructable, this project came per request from my mother. She wanted wind chimes to hang in the yard among the landscaping to add both visual and audible appeal. This project actually only requires a few materials that are easy to find at a local craft store, home improvement s…By: Fadibja Continue(…)


Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Nowadays it may get hard to get the kids outdoor and switch from tablets or smartphones to some physical activity. What you need is an adventure – a real life game that will be fun and make everyone move. A simple scavenger hunt can be a good reason for a walk for the whole family(…)


11 Epic Outdoor Structures

Check out these top projects from the 2017 Outdoor Structures Contest! These authors went the extra mile when building their projects. From tiny homes to outdoor ovens, there’s plenty of inspiration here to motivate you! Epic Treehouse Build a Custom Camper Gypsy Wagon! Stone Oven -How to…By: Danger is my middle name Continue Reading »(…)