Massive lines at US airports after nationwide customs outage

A problem in the computer systems used by United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authorities has left thousands stuck in airports and unable to enter the country. Officials from the CBP confirmed to CBS News that the outage was nationwide, after many passengers took to Twitter, expressing their frustration at being stranded and sharing(…)


DirecTV Now is suffering an outage in its second week of availability

It appears that DirecTV Now, AT&T’s new internet TV streaming service, is down for many customers, all of whom are furiously tweeting at the service’s various Twitter handles this evening. Now, it’s pretty standard for online services to go down from time to time, but this is only DirecTV Now’s second week of availability. AT&T(…)


Telstra’s problems in Australia continue with Amazon Web Services outage

Friday didn’t start well for Australians already struggling with a huge mobile and Internet outage. Amazon Web Services, a cloud services platform that supports the websites and data storage of companies around the world, suffered issues on Friday morning following a nationwide Telstra outage. SEE ALSO: Telstra goes down again, people can’t drink beer or(…)