Origami Hyacinth

Hyacinth is lovely flower but like many spring flowers its beauty doesn`t last long. We will make origami and we will try to recreate the beautiful flower. Research You can google pictures of Hyacint on the web.Now, when we know how the Hyacint looks like, we will try to make something similar fr…By: dobataloud Continue(…)


Origami Roses

This origami rose is made with a single piece of paper, no glue or cuts. It can be made with any paper – regular printer paper, thinner or slightly thicker paper. It is the most requested tutorial to make on my instagram, so let’s get started! What You’ll Need Square paperTweezers The Grid If…By: alanawu(…)


Origami Rose Headband

This instructable shows how to make an origami rose headbandThis includes the following Making the rose petals Making the sepals Decorating and assembling the rose on the headband Tools and Materials Full size red origami paper (here we use 21 cm x 21 cm ) 1/4 size green origami paper (11.5 cm…By: gongwenyen Continue Reading(…)


Origami Flower

In this instructable, we will learn how to make an origami flower Products You will need two colors of paper one for the flower and one for the leaves. you will also need a ruler and scissors. You will also need some tape. Step 1: Cutting the Paper You will need to cut your paper(…)


How to Make a 3D Paper Origami Swan

SUPPLIES-Lots of paper (5-10 sheets)-Paper guillotine (optional, it makes it easier to cut the pieces)-Scissors (if you don’t have a paper guillotine)-Orange marker or highlighter-Black marker (or 2 small black paper dots) MAKE PIECES following the images, make a large batch of 3D origami pieces …By: OrangeT2 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Origami Double Tissue Paper

On your journey in search of the ideal origami paper, you find yourself at a crossroad. To your left, a path you have walked before, the path to tissue foil. To your right, the path leads to double tissue. You’ve heard the stories about its strength, its colours, its ability to be shaped and of(…)


Dollar Bill Origami T-Shirt

During this instructable, the authors of this “How To” will be be using a United States Treasury note. The authors will be using a Dollar bill, but any United States Treasury unit will do as well. We will be giving instructions in both English and Spanish. The English instructions will be in an Und…By: DarylBenSpencer(…)


Origami Paper Flowers

Follow along to make these easy origami flowers! They are very simple to make, and you will have a full bouquet in no time! Cut Your Squares I used 3" x 3" squares of paper cut from old magazines. I like using magazine paper as it gives a little "texture" to the flowers. You will(…)