Intelligent Feeding Arm for Humans – Not Only for Lazy

Requirement is the mother of inventionAutomatic Moving Machines make us very Lazy.LAZY PEOPLES USE THIS AFTER HARD WORK TO FINISH.Lot of home inventions and automation are done for people who cant able to done. But it makes persons physically well to gone lazy.From where the thinking comesIn Hospita…By: jegatheesan.soundarapandian Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


How to Only Move One Eye

Moving one eye at a time makes it look like you have superhuman control, but with a little time and effort, pretty much anyone can learn this skill. Warm up your face muscles so you have the best shot of executing this maneuver. Crossing your eyes, especially, will be important for pulling this off. Techniques(…)


The Only Postcard in the World

This is an ordinary milk corton.You may think this is a piece of trash. We can’t use tricks and magics, but we can change a mere milk corton to the only postcard by going through some easy processes. Here, I will tell you that the method of making the postcard from it. Materials and Tools(…)


Painting Stand for Miniatures For Only $1!!!

Approximate time to complete: 2.5 hours (mostly due to glue drying)Approximate cost: $ 1 (using generally available materials)Tools You’ll Need: Permanent markerPocket knifeScissors Needle-nose pliers Craft glue Heavy book Materials You’ll Need: Piece of cardboard roughly 3" x 3" Empty beverage can…By: popsiccle Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured