Epoxy Resin Ocean Table

In this instructable, I show you how to make an epoxy resin ocean table and why this table has special meaning to my family and me. Be sure to watch the video.My family and I love spending time at the beach. We love the sand, the ocean, the warm sun, and everything a day at(…)


Ocean Themed Bathroom Wall Art

We wanted to add some color to the bathroom that we recently remodeled. In our minds there were two options available; go to the store and buy some decor or make it ourselves. We opted for making it ourselves. In fact, we made the entire thing from start to finish, including the pattern. We even(…)


NASA’s ocean worlds announcement: watch the live stream at 2PM ET

This afternoon, NASA is going to make an announcement about big findings from the Cassini spacecraft, a probe that’s been exploring the Saturn system since 2004. This particular announcement will revolve around “new results about ocean worlds” in our Solar System, so that means we’ll be most likely be focusing on either Titan or Enceladus.(…)


Ocean Data Buoy [2.0]

Scientists have been deploying battery powered sensors on ocean buoys for the past 30 years to track currents, waves, temperature, salinity, pH, and other metrics in an effort to understand the ocean. The accepted design standards for these single use instruments typically rely on plastics, urethan…By: pluvialychnus Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Hypnotic sounds disprove our assumptions about the deepest part of the ocean

The deepest part of the ocean lies in the Mariana Trench near Micronesia. It is dark, mysterious abyss that few of us will ever see. But now we can hear what it sounds like, thanks to a new study from researchers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Oregon State University and the U.S.(…)