WiFi Smart Power Strip With NodeMCU

This is an easy-to-do and quite cheap WiFi Smart Strip that can control 4 sockets independently from all around the world from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Everything you need is an internet connection. You can use it for christmas lights, or fan or everything you want to plug in! Things N…By: AlessandroA67 Continue Reading(…)


NodeMCU Humidity/Temperature Unit

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to setup your own temperature and humidity sensor.We are going to use a DHT22 unit, which is a low-cost digital output relative humidity and temperature sensor. The device includes a capacative humidity sensor and a thermistor to measure air temperature …By: farmhackunsw Continue Reading »(…)


NodeMCU / ESP8266 Cap Rail Mount

I want to show you in this instructable – how to mount a NodeMCU V2 (ESP8266) module in a cabinet. This can be very useful for many professional applications like door access systems, smarthomes etc. There are many different ESP8266 modules on the market. The programming is nearly the same for all, …By: harty123 Continue(…)



LOW WiFi SIGNAL Many peoples facing this problem everyday life we can’t use internet at its high speed when signal too loweverything need internet. Smart TV, Smart Phone, Laptop, Desktop ComputerBut !One WiFi connection ??????How can we access the internet at every corner of house (If large house) i…By: StudentP Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


How to Use Infrared Proximity Sensor Module With NodeMcu ESP8266

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: © 2018 AVI SOFTWARE INDIA. All rights reserved. Comp…By: avisoftwareindia Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


WiFi Car Using NodeMCU

We have build car using many transmission technologies. But what about a WiFi Controlled Car? Actually speaking..Wifi is till now the most promising technology and engineers are using that tech to improve it more and more. This tech is most popular today and will remain for decades.Low power WiFi ha…By: SayantanM4 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


NodeMCU IoT Project – DHT11

Please follow us on facebook, find our new released item and share your idea and Video on how to creatively use our products. You can get cash back or giveaway from us!Facebook: Youtube:…In this lesson,…By: osoyooproduct Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured