How to Photograph the Night Sky

If you have a cell phone in your pocket or have access to a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR), you can easily take gorgeous photos of the night sky. To improve your astrophotography, avoid shooting in the automatic setting. If you’re using a DSLR, program a wide aperture, keep the shutter open for a long exposure,(…)


How to Read at Night

Reading at night is a pleasant and calming activity that many people enjoy. A few unique challenges can present themselves, though, and include the risk of inadequate comfort and light, potentially keeping yourself awake, and disturbing your sleeping partner. Be sure to select your reading material wisely, and prop yourself up with pillows to ensure(…)


Night Vale-Inspired Smoked Wings W/Cactus Buffalo Sauce

“Life should be like a basket of chicken wings–salty, fatty, covered in vinegar and served with way more celery than you’ll ever eat.” – Welcome to Night Vale, Episode 8.For this recipe, I was inspired by the Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun Complex from the comedy/horror podcast "Welcome …By: TheGluttonousGeek Continue Reading »(…)


3D Printed Night Vision Scope

Hey everybody!!! Hows it going?!?!?! Ok, so for a long time (~3 yrs.) I have been building these digital night vision cameras, and after over $ 1,000 and hundreds of hours in R’n’D later, I give you the "Eagle Scope 1.0" (named after the camera inside)!!!It’s a pocket-sized, 3d printable night vision…By: Happy_Mad_Scientist Continue Reading(…)


DIY Floating Night Lamp

In my first DIY build video, I am going to show how you can build simple design floating night lamp, which is easy to build and doesn’t require any advanced tools. WHAT YOU NEED EQUIPMENT YOU’LL NEED: Jigsaw Clamp Drill Hot glue gun Wood glue Square ruler Ruler Paint brush 80-120 and 220 grit san…By:(…)


Date Night Meal on a College Budget

Looking for a high end restaurant quality meal on a college budget? Look no further, New York Strip Steak with a variety of sides is a classic upscale meal that intermediate to highly experienced foodies find simple to make, but also delicious. Fantastic to impress a special someone or just to treat…By: riboleon Continue Reading(…)