3D Printed Night Vision Scope

Hey everybody!!! Hows it going?!?!?! Ok, so for a long time (~3 yrs.) I have been building these digital night vision cameras, and after over $ 1,000 and hundreds of hours in R’n’D later, I give you the "Eagle Scope 1.0" (named after the camera inside)!!!It’s a pocket-sized, 3d printable night vision…By: Happy_Mad_Scientist Continue Reading(…)


DIY Floating Night Lamp

In my first DIY build video, I am going to show how you can build simple design floating night lamp, which is easy to build and doesn’t require any advanced tools. WHAT YOU NEED EQUIPMENT YOU’LL NEED: Jigsaw Clamp Drill Hot glue gun Wood glue Square ruler Ruler Paint brush 80-120 and 220 grit san…By:(…)


Date Night Meal on a College Budget

Looking for a high end restaurant quality meal on a college budget? Look no further, New York Strip Steak with a variety of sides is a classic upscale meal that intermediate to highly experienced foodies find simple to make, but also delicious. Fantastic to impress a special someone or just to treat…By: riboleon Continue Reading(…)