How to Pack Necklaces for Traveling

When it comes to packing necklaces for travel, visualizing a knotted mess of necklace chains may cause you enough anxiety to avoid packing jewelry altogether. There are several easy ways to organize your necklaces when packing to ensure they stay separated and in good condition. Once you read how simple it is to pack necklaces(…)


How to Organize Necklaces

If your necklaces always end up in a tangled mess, it’s time to get them organized. You can use a drawer to house your collection, as long as you employ some handy techniques to keep them separated. Alternatively, hang your necklaces up on display, adding sparkle to your decor. Another option is to use jewelry(…)


Wish Lantern Necklaces

Every year in Taiwan, people hold a festival called the lantern festival. We go up to the mountains and write wishes for things like love, safety, and academic success in ink calligraphy on giant paper lanterns. Then the lanterns are lit from the bottom and sent into the heavens. These are called 天燈…By: 38ren Continue(…)