How to Do Fourth of July Nails

On the Fourth of July, you want your patriotism to shine all the way down to the tips of your fingers! For the best Independence Day nail look, you can choose between stars and stripes, polka dots, and glitter to reflect your natural style and spirit. Experiment and let your creativity run wild for a(…)


How to Make Gel Nails Last Longer

Gel nail polish is a great option to obtain a shiny, durable manicure or pedicure. If you just got gel nails done at the salon, there are things you can do at home to make the polish last as long as possible, such as conditioning your nails, adding clear polish, and protecting your nails from(…)


How to Hang Shelves Without Nails

If you’re living in an apartment, dorm, or similar place, you’ve probably run up against the dreaded “no modifications” rule that prevents you from fixing objects to your wall using nails. Never fear, though, as there’s an easy way to hang things like shelves without giving up your security deposit. EditSteps EditUsing Adhesive Mounting Strips(…)


Branding Nails

A great little project to make some tiny branding irons out of wire nails… Get your bits together MATERIALSWire nails – I used 125mm wire nails that have a head of about 10mm diameterBlock of wood – for the handleSticky backed vinyl sheetPropane gasTOOLSEtching tool – you will need to make your…By: Pricklysauce Continue Reading(…)


How to Remove Powder Nails

Powder nails are known for their quick and easy application process, making them a popular choice when visiting the nail salon. Their removal can be quick and easy as well, and you can do it right at home. You can remove powder nails using acetone and aluminum foil, or you can opt for the acetone(…)


How to Clean Under Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails look beautiful, but dirt, food, and bacteria can hide beneath the nail. Cleaning underneath your acrylic nails requires a gentle touch so that the acrylic nail doesn’t separate from the natural nail. Be aware, however, that most discoloration on acrylic nails is caused by fungus, not dirt. This means that you will have(…)


Mint Pearls & Lace Nails

Is there something more feminine and sexy than lace? I love clothes that have little accents of lace! Today I’ll show you how I made this lace and pearls nail design. You’ll need.. Mint nail polishWhite nail polishTransparent nail polishLace metal disk Stamping rubberOld cardMini pearlsStrong glu…By: ma-vela Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


12 Unusual Uses for Nails

Nails are traditional fasteners that have been used for 1000s of years to join things together or act as hooks or pegs to hang things up.But what else can they be used for?This is a collection of 12 unusual uses for common metal nails. Each step spotlights one or more Instructables that feature a no…By:(…)


Best Way to Paint Nails

Whether chipped or just in need of a little refresh, painting your nails is a great way to add color and really nail that look you’re going for.Choose your favorite color and follow along as I show you the best way to paint your nails. Choose Your Color Chose which nails you want to paint.(…)