Mad Eye Moody – Moving Eyeball Prop

Got a Hogwarts Party? Too old or ugly to go as Harry or Hermione? Build this Arduino Trinket powered, servo driven Mad Eye Moody Eyeball that randomly swivels around in its socket and scares little children and stray dogs! Based on this excellent Adafruit Bionic Eye Project, you don’t need any fancy…By: daronjay Continue Reading(…)


Bat With Moving Wings !!!

Imagine, knocking on the door of one of your neighbors in the evening when the night fell; they open, you appear in Chinese shadow, with that bat in your hand, or better, on your shoulder; she slowly beats her wings, ready to fly on them. The sound of the small servo motor will add to(…)


Davy Jones Mask With Moving Tentacles

Materials:*liquid latex*acrylic paint (red, black, yellow, green)*styrofoam mannequin head*air dry clay*string *straws*stuffing*hot glue *circle cereal*foam board/cardboard Start Sculpting *Using air dry clay on a styrofoam head, start creating a thin layer of clay Add Basic Features *Add the …By: theartfulbirder Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


DIY Moving Message Using LED Matrix

I basically a small gadget for fun or for small sign to display it moving. It might be a gift for someone.You can make it what ever you want. Components 8X8 matrix displayArduino NanoLM780510uf CapacitorsArduino wiresvero boardswitchglue gunformic sheettransparent case 8X8 LED matrix First o…By: Ryson Qureshi Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Moving Airgun Target

Getting bored of shooting at paper targets?Is plinking tin cans to easy?Maybe it is time for a moving target, it is easy to make and it costs near to nothing. This project can be completed under an hour and there are no powertools required.My balloon spinner might look a bit sketchy but it was the(…)