How to Protect Your Back While Moving

Moving into a new home, or helping someone else move, is a common way to strain or injure your back. To minimize your potential for back problems, make sure to lift every item using proper technique—keep the old adage “lift with your legs” in mind! You should also work to get your back and body(…)


Scary, Motion-sensing, Moving, Halloween Skull

Imagine this: You are an innocent trick-or-treater walking around your neighborhood. You’re walking down someone’s walkway with candy in mind. You notice jack-o-lanterns on the doorstep, as well as the usual halloweens decorations: fake spider-web, plastic spiders, plastic skulls, etcetera. You igno…By: scitronboy Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Moving Cloak of Levitation – V1

Hello hello hello! I’m back from the void and here with an ‘ible on how to make an astounding astonishing mystical magical moving Cloak of Levitation!!My inspiration for this? Well, I’m moving somewhere a bit colder than I’m used to, and I wanted to have something warm to make it through the winter …By: mandyee(…)


How to Avoid Moving in with Your Parents

Many young adults find themselves in a position where they might have to move back home, and it can feel like a major step backwards after you’ve had years of freedom. Luckily, you can avoid moving back home by focusing on your finances and making other living arrangements. EditSteps EditGaining Financial Freedom Start saving immediately.(…)


Animatronic Mask With Moving Eyes

Hi there!For a school assignment we had to discover Arduino. So I decided to make an animatronic mask. It is more like a wall decoration. The whole function of it is to make people slightly uneasy, since the eyes will be moving. It is inspired by the doorknockers from the wonderful film Labyrinth by…By: KyraD5(…)