Simple Phone Tripod Mount

There are a lot of DIY phone mounts for a tripod but probably not too many more simple than this one. The advantage of this mount over the others is that you don’t have to remove your phone from its case. And you can orient the phone vertically or horizontally.Parts count is very low and(…)


Laptop Wall Mount

I made this Laptop Wall Mount for my 17" laptop out of scrap maple and walnut. This is an easy and inexpensive way to mount your laptop onto a wall. The articulating arm provides a wide range of movement for positioning the laptop at different angles. Click here to view my blog post where you(…)


Wall Mount for Heavy Items

In this project, I build a wooden mount for a huge airplane propeller that my sister and her husband wanted to hang on their wall as decor. See all of the details by watching the video or read on for more. BACKGROUND Last summer, my sister wanted a wood plank wall for her foyer. I(…)


Pepsi Wall Mount

This time I’m going to make an alder Pepsi wall mount. Alder boasts a beautiful pattern and responds well to processing with hand tools.This little project is very simple, not time-taking at all, and it requires a minimal number of hand and electric tools.Preparing for workYou will need a 27х90х250…By: Nikolaiwood87 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


NodeMCU / ESP8266 Cap Rail Mount

I want to show you in this instructable – how to mount a NodeMCU V2 (ESP8266) module in a cabinet. This can be very useful for many professional applications like door access systems, smarthomes etc. There are many different ESP8266 modules on the market. The programming is nearly the same for all, …By: harty123 Continue(…)


Car Phone Mount Using PVC

Despite of the handful of infotainment systems and hands-free features our car offers, most of us have that uneasy feeling of incompleteness when we cannot use our phones during our daily drive. Of course there are available car phone mounts sold everywhere but sometimes their designs are just not w…By: JezouaA Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)