In the previous episode, we could control one servo motor by using one potentiometer.In this episode, we are going to control 8 motors by using 8 potentiometer simultaneously. Let’s get it started![LINKS]Source Code Master]… Slave ] https://githu…By: HappyThingsMaker Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Using Motors With L293D IC

This is a quick guide with a bit of extra info (pin configurations etc..) that I’ve learnt along the way on how to use the L293D with the Arduino, showing that we can: A) Use a supplemental power source to power the DC motor.B) Use the L293D chip to drive the motor.From microcontroller we can(…)


Homemade (High Velocity) Desktop Fan! (w/Dual DC Motors!) – Solar Powered! – Full Instr.

Homemade "High Velocity" Desktop Table Fan! (w/Dual DC Motors!) – Solar Powered! – Full Instr. Watch the Instructional Video… Read the Description… video shows how to make a High Velocity Solar Powered DC Desktop Table Fan! w/dual DC motors! whole thing is made out of a few pieces of scra…By: desertsun02 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


How to Run Servo Motors Using Arduino

This tutorial is to guide you to run one or multiple servos through an Arduino. Materials To have correctly Running Servo Motors these are the Materials you will need (Describing from left to right, you will need a Arduino board, USB Arduino connection cord, a simple positive-negative breadboard,…By: NathanI9 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


WiDC – Wi-Fi Controlled FPV Robot (with Arduino, ESP8266 and DC Motors)

What about using a remote controlled robot for exploring your surroundings, reaching inaccessible places, spying, take pictures, making films or broadcasting a video? This tutorial will show you how to make an inexpensible for all those purposes!This instructable is an improvement of my previous tut…By: IgorF2 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


From Old Motors Into Signal Booster

Do you have old dc motors / any motors? don’t throw them! lets recycle it! Lets make a signal booster!! For:PhoneSmartphonesModemWifi& anythingSimple to make, Super signal booster, easy to use and carry, light and thin, And many more.Suitable for use when an adventure, because the signal will weaken…By: balsuryana Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


NASA will test an experimental hybrid X-plane with 14 electric motors

NASA is still testing wild new wing technologies to improve energy efficiency in flight. The agency announced yesterday that it is conducting research on a unique wing design that uses 14 electric motors. The experimental aircraft it’s designing is called X-57, otherwise known as “Maxwell.” The X-57 is NASA’s first X-plane in a decade, and the(…)


Inside the Local Motors lab where 3D-printed autonomous buses are made

Yesterday, Local Motors introduced the Olli, a self-driving, electric 12-seat bus at its new National Harbor location in Ogden, Maryland, outside of Washington, DC. Not only is Olli built from 3D-printed components (like the Strati before it), it’s also the first vehicle to use IBM Watson’s cognitive learning platform — it’ll actually learn about its(…)