Brick and Mortar Cutting Board

There are many designs of Brick-&-Motar style cutting boards available online. This is my take on this style. Enjoy! Design After a quick sketch up in CAD I settled on ~12"x~16"x~1" thick finished dimensions and backed into the amount of material needed. Tools and Materials Tools Needed:San…By: mara0192 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Ping Pong Ball Mortar

The Ping Pong Mortar is one of the most gratifying projects I’ve ever made for the amount of time and effort it takes to create. The construction is straightforward, and the fireball-like combustion reaction can fire a ping pong ball over 40′ – remarkably far for such a lightweight object!Best of al…By: LanceMakes Continue Reading(…)


Brick and Mortar Bowl

Ever since I purchased my lathe I wanted to make bowls. I made a sled for segmented bowls a few months back and wanted to experiment with different patterns and wood. I love the look of paduke and walnut and decided on this brick and mortar pattern. Most of the math and sled preparations are(…)