Modular Outfeed Table

Hi, I am Keith at Two Bit Woodworks and today I am going to be building this outfeed table, check it out. Measure Table Height Start by measuring the height of the top of the table saw and then subtract the height of the adjustable feet and ¾” for the plywood top. Rough Cut Legs(…)


Modular Seedling Planters

So the Idea for this Instructable came from a promotion that a local supermarket was running, in which when you bought from them they would give you little seedling kits. These little kits show how easy it is to get started with gardening and made it into quite a fun activity to grow your own(…)


Modular 3D Printed Car

For my Christmas, I 3D printed my brother the Flutter Scout car. It is a remote control car that is entirely 3D printed. The following link has it’s GitHub page with its parts and information about it: This car was the inspiration for my project. The pro…By: lcs5000 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Modular DIY CNC Machine

I’m a recent college grad with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and love to build things. For my job I get to design and integrate parts of large, expensive satellite assemblies, however I don’t get much hands on work with what I design due to the scale. I’ve always been interested in CNC machin…By: jtaggard(…)


Easy Origami Modular Star

This is one of my mom’s favorite pieces of origami. I make a lot of origami, so that’s saying something. The star is modular, so you have to make a decent amount of pieces. Don’t worry though, they’re really simple to make. I guess I should get into the instructable. Gather Your Paper. You’re sup…By:(…)


Crazy Modular Lamp

The concept is to create a unique modular lamp that the users will configure as they like, taking advantage of the specific space they want to use. The lamp will be dimmable and controlled by touch. The modular use of this lamp is closing the circuit using the interchangeable bulbs.Materials:Copper …By: nicolas60 Continue Reading »(…)