Modern Minimalist TV Stand

This tv unit is made from 19mm plywood and the top and drawer fronts are laminated oak panels. Breaking Down the Sheets of Plywood The first job was to cut the sheets down. I started by first breaking them up into manageable sizes, then I refined them further using a home made track for my(…)


Modern Wine Box

When we got married, at our wedding we had what’s called a wine box ceremony. It’s a modern ritual where, during your wedding you seal up a bottle of wine inside a box along with love letters written to one another. Five years later on your anniversary you open the box, drink the wine, and(…)


Mid Century Modern Concrete Lamp

I’m publishing this original Mid Century Modern lamp design as an Instructable not so much as a DIY project, but as an inspirational starting point for others to get those creative juices flowing. I enjoy the design process as much or maybe even slightly more than the fabrication of the objects. I’v…By: Works by Solo(…)


Building a Modern Privacy Fence

This privacy fence is made with corrugated roofing panels, some 2x4s and pressure treated posts. I wanted to create a rather modern looking fence that provided an interesting look while blocking the view of my neighbors. This is not a fence that goes onto my property line, so I decided to make it as…By: darbinorvar(…)