YouTube launches live mobile streaming for a select few

YouTube is adding a live streaming option to its mobile app, the company announced today, a new feature that will allow users to broadcast live video from their mobile devices with the touch of a button. The company’s mobile streaming interface looks markedly similar to Periscope’s, with viewer comments scrolling up the screen over the broadcast,(…)


Lenovo made a smart running shoe you can use as a mobile game controller

It wouldn’t be a tech conference without a ridiculous wearable prototype. At Lenovo’s Tech World in San Francisco today, the company brought out a smart running shoe made in collaboration with outsole maker Vibram. It runs on an Intel Curie wearable chip and performs most of your standard fitness tracker functions. (No heart rate monitor.)(…)


Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator Mk 1

Short Description:Build your own DIY giant robot that plays the piano, draws pictures, prepares meals, waters plants, engages in lightsaber duels and more. The Multipurpose Mobile Manipulator is an advanced open-source human-size mobile robotics platform for students, educators, hobbyists, artists a…By: John Choi Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured