Charging Mobile From 9V Battery

Hi friends in this instructable we are going to see how to make a mobile charger from 9V battery Things required 9V batteryotg cable9V battery clipvoltage regulator (IC 7805) Now solder the left and right pin if the ic to the battery clip Then solder the middle pin the the positive of otg a…By: science-tech(…)


Use HC-06 Bluetooth Module to Realize Micro:bit Communication With Mobile Phone

Lots of friends around me who play micro:bit tell me that the Bluetooth connection of micro:bit is not stable. It is easy to disconnect. If we use micropython, the Bluetooth cannot even be put to use. Before this problem is solved by micro:bit official, here we have another compromized method. That …By: ElecFreaks Continue Reading(…)


Bat Mobile

Video camera: Video Vectorworks: Create a bat mouse mobile in copperplated steelwire. Parts bat wings. The pictures in Fig. 2 are of natural size. The images are in the resolution of 300 DPI.Bilderna i Fig. 2 är i naturlig storlek.Bild…By: PerAnders Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Paper Crane Mobile

Hi!This paper crane mobile is so pretty and looks great in a baby’s room or just as decoration for your own! Materials – Ruler- Origami Paper- Scissors- Needle- String or Thread- Wooden Embroidery Hoop- Tape (Optional)- Marker Mark Your Hoop Using your ruler, determine the diameter of your h…By: KatW19 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Wind Turbine Mobile USB Charger

I love wind turbines. Last month, I built a new working wind turbine from recycled material. Today I’ve added some small gadget that made it a practical Mobile USB Charger powered by wind.I wnated to share it with you so you can start building your own.If you like my instructable, please favorite, v…By: ahmedebeed555 Continue(…)


Origami Crane Mobile

Origami is a cheap, beautiful way to make fantastic decorations for a home or dorm. Even an origami novice can create an elegant display with this tutorial. Materials You’ll need:- Paper- Thread or Fishing Line-Scissors or a Paper Slicer-Wooden Dowels or Straws-Hot Glue-Small Beads Make the Cr…By: emily0 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Mobile Intercom With A6 Module and Arduino

In this instructable I show you how I made a intercom using a GSM module.If you press the big button, the programmed number is called. The call is ended after a programmed time, or by pressing the hangup button.Components I used:Button:…Arduino pr…By: Wim3d Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured