MiXed WooD PLanteR

WHat You NeEd for This PRoject.*Materials*2 x Different Types of Wood Preferably….Or 1 type of wood and Some Coloured Varnish.I used Mahogany & Oak.Teak Oil…Wood GlueBlue Decorative StonesSucculent Plant of some Kind.Plastic plant pot… I used 5cm that come with the succulents.—————–…By: PleaseNoFisticuffs Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Vinegret. a Russian Mixed Salad

Vinegret (also called Russian vinaigrette) is a very popular salad in Russia and the nearest countries. It is vegetarian, easy-to-cook and healthy; it is one of the best choices of everyday food.The word "vinegret" in an extended sense means "a strange mix". So we say "it is vinegret in his/her head…By: Glumgad Continue Reading »(…)


Mixed Dry Fruit Bars

– These mixed dry fruit bars are prepared using various nuts and seeds and can be healthy option to munch any time.Ingredients- One bowl of Almonds and cashews- One bowl of Deseeded dates- One bowl of figs – Mixed seeds(sunflower seeds,flax seeds and sesame seeds)- Few raisinsYou can increase or de…By: navneetha Continue Reading »(…)


How to Begin Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is an exciting fighting sport that showcases a variety of martial arts disciplines from around the world. Contemporary MMA fighters must become proficient in striking skills, grappling, and wrestling. To start training in MMA, you’ll need to sign up for classes and hone your newly learned skills with consistent practice.(…)


Mixed Fruit Halwa

We had lots of fruits lying at home, some harvested from the kitchen garden and some purchased from the local fruit shop. Most of the fruits started to over-ripen and the children could not consume all at once. So we came up with an idea of making Mixed fruit Halwa with whatever fruits available at(…)


Adai With Mixed Millet and Pulses

Adai is a South Indian crepe prepared with a thick freshly prepared batter. The batter can be made with different kinds of pulses and grains mixed together. Other ingredients like onions, green chilies and coconut are added to the batter to make it tasteful. it is then ladled to a round shape on a g…By:(…)