Template to Miter Tube

To help making tube to form straight T or according to the desired angle of T, I have done another online tool to generate paper template. Previously I made this instructable to make angle tube cut.In the middle of the page, url here under, you will have to enter :diameter of main tube in mill…By:(…)


Miter Saw Stand Stops

My miter stand stop made of scrap wood around the shop. I made this piece out of pine 3/4" X 10" and a scrap 2X4 longer than 8" . I was making deck furniture out of leftover decking and wanted something to help get all the legs cut the same length. I look at all(…)


Miter Saw Workbench

Here you will find my new miter saw workbench. This is Shanty-2-Chic’s design and it is great. I modified a few measurements to fit my saw and changed the compartments a little on the top. You can find the full instructions on Shanty-2-Chic’s website. Legs This step I made the legs. Photo shows …By: Tiger(…)