Mini Pasta Machine Etching Press

Printmaking is considered one of the more democratic methods of making art, thanks to the ease of making multiples. Many types of printmaking can be done using basic household items, but etching has remained an outlier because you really need an etching press to do it, and etching presses are very e…By: crumpart Continue Reading(…)


Mini Octopus Planter

This is an easy 3D printed project that will take about half an hour (excluding printing time) to accomplish. The effort is worth this small little planter that you can proudly display on your window sill or backyard.The materials for this printer are:Tinkercad –…By: Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Tape Mini Wallet

I hear mini-wallets are all the rage now? So I decided to make one out of tape. Why? I’m going to some festival and I don’t want to drag a hulky wallet around all the time. I just need my ID, some bank-card and a little paper cash maybe, so smaller == better.I saw people(…)


DIY Mini Pond

Hi guys,I love water. I think it has a calming effect which I really enjoy. Since a few years I’m living in the city in an apartment building. I have a terrace/balcony but I miss nature and in particular water. So I’ve decided to build my own mini pond. It is very simple, everybody can(…)


Mini Lunchbox Arcade

Being of a certain age, I love retro gaming because it makes me nostalgic for my childhood when I would always ask to go to our local Pizza Hut so I could shell out my hard earned quarters on a game of Dig-Dug or PacMan. Having already built a retro gaming arcade cabinet, I thought(…)


Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins

These soft and pillowy Mini Muffins are studded with semi sweet chocolate chips and lightly dusted with powdered sugar. Their sweet smell will fill your kitchen and the they go from the bowl, to the oven, to your mouth in under 30 minutes! Ingredients This recipe makes 36 Mini Muffins or 12 norm…By: chefbella42 Continue(…)


Marblevator Mini, Loop.

I had to dust off my physics textbook for this one…"Marblevator Mini, Loop" is not quite as "mini" as my previous Marblevator Mini designs, but is still quite small, and features a 7.5mm radius loop with a tapered auger lift. Using a few relatively simple physics equations, the height of the entr…By: gzumwalt Continue Reading(…)