Retro-Fit a Google Home Mini

Give your digital assistant some analogue style by retro-fitting it into an old cassette player or radio!In this Instructable I’ll take you through installing a new-spec Google Home Mini into an old-tech cassette player from the 1980s. Why would you want to do such a thing? Well it gives your home m…By: MisterM Continue Reading(…)


Tamise Gilded Mini Pumpkins

Gilding Pumpkins is a lovely way to highlight Autumn’s splendor! This project offers a fun and exciting way toadd the beauty of Tamisé Metal Leaf Flakes to your fall décor. It’s a great project for kids when supervised bya grown up. Swirling pumpkins in bowls of gorgeous flakes feels like making cot…By: JenLongworth Continue Reading(…)


Open Wound and Eye Mini Pies

So after the fun of making my Zombie Cherry Pie instructable, I found I still had extra ingredients to play with and wanted to continue some gruesome Halloween fun! These are little mini personal cherry pies made to look creepy. Collecting Necessary Items! These are just some of the key items I …By: Stephanefalies Continue(…)


Mini Halloween Piñatas

Spooky little pinatas are perfect for your next Halloween party!These pinatas were created for Drinking with Scissors, a monthly craft party in Whitehorse, Yukon. With all the materials (and even the treats to fill them with) provided in kits, the personal-sized pinatas can easily be assembled over…By: ModMischief Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Making a Mini Leather Bucket Bag

Today, Ill make a BTS Armybomb leather bag Design & Sketching I Sketched refering to the Army BombI sketched it, imagining a cylindrical bucket bag Cutting Bottom Part Cut the leather off the bottomI used a circular cutterIf you don’t, you can cut them with a pattern Making Bottom Side Mak…By: hahnsatelier Continue Reading »(…)


Mini Headphone Amp /w Bass Boost

I listen to music when I commute using the subway. Since it’s very noisy in the subway the bass sound of the music tends to be masked. So I made a small headphone amplifier that can boost bass sound as needed.I listed out my requirements as below, and started designing.Use two AA or AAA batteries(…)


Mini Lighthouse Lamp

Hi All,I love decorating my house with an unconventional or "one of the kind" idea and reuse / recycle items found at home. In this instructable , I will be reusing old glass jar, wooden skewers, Whiskey bottle packages, popsicle sticks and cardboard ( from Shirt packaging) I will be use different …By: Amit_Jain Continue(…)