Mini Arcade Cases

My son and I decided to update the Cigar Box Game Controller we had made using some fancy boxes from harbor freight.I thought one for me and one for him but…… Time to Get Started First thing was the artwork. Not my job… Probably why it came out so nice…Once the artwork is done time(…)


Lego Mini Memory Game

A year or so ago, I wrote up an Instructable about installing a bunch of LEDs in a Lego Mini Cooper. The innovation, such as it was, was that the LEDs could be controlled with a smartphone (or through any web browser, for that matter).As I laboriously described in that Instructable, most of the effo…By:(…)


Mini Digital Library Bookcase

This project is a miniature that has a hidden purpose. It not only looks neat, this mini library is a fun storage system for all kinds of my digital backups. The various sized books on the shelves hold mismatched thumb drives, SD cards, Micro SDs, Sim cards and more. I used to dig through drawers…By:(…)


Mini Bapao From the Oven

bapao as a snackNew Year’s Eve is always a fun evening. Often it is all day baking, ‘oliebollen’ (a Dutch speciality which doesn’t have a good translation if translate you get oil balls or deep fried doughnut balls which both isn’t an oliebol) apple fritters and many other tasty snacks to enjoy the …By: jmdushi(…)


Miniature Japanese Stab Bound Book | Mini Bookbinding Tutorial

I’ve been binding miniature books for a while now using Coptic binding techniques, but I thought I would give Japanese stab binding a go instead…and I think the results are pretty cool!This binding method is fairly quick and simple so it’s something anyone can do, and this little book shouldn’t ta…By: FernMakes Continue Reading »(…)


Making of a Mini Electrical Car

I will try to detail you the realization of a project that I had in mind for a moment :Many people in Europe know the "Mini Austin", much less the "Mini Moke", let alone his little sister the "Mini Schmitt" (or Mini Hrubon) that would correspond to a shortened Moke.There is a recent electric version…By:(…)


2D to 3D Puzzle: Mini Log Cabin

When people normally think about Puzzles, 2D puzzles are what come to mind. 3D puzzles were somehow forgotten when 1000, 5000, and even 10,000 piece puzzles were created. In this Instructable, you will learn how to turn an ordinary 2D puzzle into a 3d puzzle using only office supplies! I hope you en…By: Nate Lu(…)