Mini Headphone Amp /w Bass Boost

I listen to music when I commute using the subway. Since it’s very noisy in the subway the bass sound of the music tends to be masked. So I made a small headphone amplifier that can boost bass sound as needed.I listed out my requirements as below, and started designing.Use two AA or AAA batteries(…)


Mini Lighthouse Lamp

Hi All,I love decorating my house with an unconventional or "one of the kind" idea and reuse / recycle items found at home. In this instructable , I will be reusing old glass jar, wooden skewers, Whiskey bottle packages, popsicle sticks and cardboard ( from Shirt packaging) I will be use different …By: Amit_Jain Continue(…)


Mini Paper-cup Tripod Lamps

Hi guys, this is my instructable on a mini tripod papercup lamp made using copper tubes which can be found in any AC/refrigerator parts shop and some paper cups. Do leave a like and drop by on my instagram ( for similar DIY upscaled decors. Items Needed 1/4 inch copper…By: iamajugaadist Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Mini Backpack Sewing Kit

Okay, I confess, the entire reason I made this was for the Backpack contest – but that’s what they’re there for, right? Motivation! Having discovered the contest rather too late to do anything big however, I decided to make a miniature backpack that doubles as a bag attachment AND a travel sewing ki…By: littsz Continue(…)


Mini Oscillator Swatch

This swatch is a combination of interests put together for the eTextile SummerCamp 2015 Swatch Exchange. In the style of a kit, instructions are printed onto the fabric showing where all the pieces of the circuit go. I see this as a kit that someone would put together once they had purchased it incl…By: push_reset(…)


Mini Pallet Coasters

Make these awesome mini pallet coasters using just some glue and popsicle sticks. They’re really easy and cheap to make and they look great around wooden or pallet furniture. They also make great gift wrap bases for soaps, bath bombs or other homemade gifts.Lets get started… What You’re Going To…By: thediylife Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Super Mario Bros. Mini Shelf

I made this miniature shelf for my son before he was born hoping he would one day share my love of gaming. I can now say that he definitely shares that love. The shelf is approximately 12 inches wide x 4.5 inches high x 5" deep. Gathering Tools & Supplies Supplies1 can brick red spray(…)


Colorful Mini Clock With CNC

In this instructable I will show you how to make a miniclock with the cnc. Paint your wood First of all find yourself a piece of wood or more pieces and put them together. After you found/ made it, paint it. I wanted to try 4 different colors so I created 4 squares Cut the(…)